Haven't you been carrying it long enough?
Haven't you been carrying it long enough? 

How Is Life Coaching Different Than Therapy?

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I teach and combine a unique set of strategies that are proven to help your life become more joyful and peaceful, help you live your unique purpose and to have the relationships in your life that you've only dreamed of, with family, friends and to finally have the love relatdeionship of your dreams, whether you're already in a relationship and want to make it better or want to be in one.


As a Life Coach I will also take you through the process of helping you realize and live your highet potential. It is predicated on the belief that each individual has a unique purpose and living that purpose brings the greatest joy to our life and the world.



How is Life Coaching different than Conventional Theropy?

Life coaching is different than therapy in its focus:

  • On an individual’s present life situation and future rather than the past.
  • On helping individuals identify and manifest core life intentions.
  • Is based in education models, not medical models.
  • On helping clients access and use their inner strengths and resources to make changes in their life.

When is it useful to work with a life coach?

  • In a period of life transition (e.g. career change, separation or divorce, death of a spouse or child, major spiritual shift, breaking the pattern of addiction, etc.)
  • Feeling stuck
  • Want greater clarity about long standing life patterns, or difficulties
  • Want more meaning in life, tired of “same old same old”
  • Want to find and live their life purpose

What will we do together?

In our work together, we will begin by setting a heart centered Intention that reflects your highest state of being. We learn to Track this reflection as it spirals out into our lives. Using a set of tools Ravi Walsh has refined in over 25 years. I will teach multiple methods of self-Inquiry as a means of dealing with the fluctuations of mind that creates the mood, thoughts, and attitudes responsible for sabotaging progress. We close with HeartPath Reiki Healing, a method of bypassing thought to promote emotional and spiritual healing, centering, and the states of consciousness that lead to manifestation of life intentions. The simplicity of these practices make them perfect allies for our busy lifestyles.


How and when will we work together?

  • Weekly for 90 minute sessions in person or over the phone.
  • 1 midweek 30 minute phone meeting.
  • Weekly self-reflection homework assignments Ravi Walsh’s course: The Contemplative Heart: A Path to Self-Mastery.
  • Regular email support.

Growing Beyond Your Own Limits

We dedicate the first 12 weeks to the first three letters of the acronym: HEART -Healing, Energizing and Awakening. Since it is important to manifest a dynamic and creative life from a broken heart, finding and healing useless, outdated beliefs and behaviors is critical for unleashing energy that can be used to manifest creative and healing potential. These sessions focus on:

  • Identifying your core life intentions- Your Why - and Tracking their Transformational effect in changing your life.
  • Understanding or clearing existing life patterns which interfere with or enhance manifestation of these intentions.
  • Introducing useful and sustainable life practices one can use to manifest life intentions through transforming the destructive into the constructive and building your inner strength and clarity.

Living your HEART’S Intent

The next twelve weeks provides individuals with a sustained experience of living in The Zone – the uninterrupted experience of the creative power of the present moment. We accomplish this by covering everything included in the first twelve weeks and then deepening this through focused awareness and experience of one’s own Intentional self-referring capacity to manifest the life of your dreams.

After completing the first twelve weeks as described above, the second twelve weeks are dedicated to the last two letters of the HEART acronym – Realization and Transformation. In this segment of the program we:

  • Dive deeper into the stages of Transmutation and Transfiguration that lead to profound realizations of your purpose and step into opportunities to create your highest potential in day to day life.
  • Follow through on grounding and implementing these transformational realizations with concrete steps to create the career, relationship and opportunities of your dreams.
  • Deepen our practices of Symbolic Tracking, Self-Inquiry, and HeartPath healing in and out of our sessions together- finally freeing ourselves from tyranny of lower drives like regret and worry.
  • Risk stepping into our new life and making space for grounding the Heart’s Transformational power as the highest gift we offer to others and the world.

Are you ready to be empowered, to live your life the way you've always dreamed? Do you look at others and say to yourself "How did they get to be so luck?" Start living the your life on purpose!


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