Haven't you been carrying it long enough?
Haven't you been carrying it long enough? 


Who's Going To Stop Us Now? is a book written by an exclusive group of women dedicated to telling their stories for the sake of empowering others.

Book Synopsis

Who’s Going To Stop Us Now? is an incredibly moving, empowering and uplifting compilation of female perseverance. The co-authors of this book have dug deep in bringing their stories to life all for the purpose of inspiring those facing adversity to take control and rise above. Included here are harrowing accounts of domestic conflict and alcoholism; tales of perseverance in the face of financial adversity and physical disability; and the heart-wrenching story of a young woman who lost her mother, only to find her life’s path after finally letting herself grieve. These are just some examples you will discover when you immerse yourself in these fifteen powerfully written, real-life stories. You will learn that no one has the ability to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.  Most importantly, you will realize the only one who can stop you, is you.

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